Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Year 1 Winter

 The long (apparently 6 months) winter has begun.  During winter armies retreat to safe havens to wait out the weather until the killing seasons begin again!  Winter is also the part of the game where RNG gods wage war against the kingdoms...

Abyssal Dwarf Winter

The abyssal Dwarves mostly retired their armies to the coasts giving them a lot of options for moving out after winter subsides.  The empire generated 38 gold crowns worth of revenue via settlement taxation and sea trade.

Unfortunately Vorgamalus the Abyssal Halfbreed Champion was called to his doom on a perilous quest hoping to find favor with his dark gods.  Truly a painful loss for the empire though not irreplaceable.

Heroes who have survived at least one battle each year without being wounded or captured gain 1 experience which puts a few over the edge to a level up!

McScrewb (overlord) gained Brutal
Zar'Gozamoth (slavedriver) gained Pathfinder

The General McScrewb geared up for the inevitability of war raising 2 new banners as well as 2 new Fleets.  Whether it was for conquest or defense is yet to be determined.

Being a less than wealthy nation at the moment the dwarves invested in a few spies all of which failed to bring back any useful knowledge.

8 A salamander Assassin attempted to get within claws reach of the king but was quickly beaten and enslaved within the mines.

14 One of the major port cities did not fair so well as a Salamander Saboteur set fire to it razing the city and destroying a ship.

League of Rhordia Winter

The Rhordians took up quarters mostly along their souther borders during the winter except for one banner that stayed behind to guard their western borders.  The empire managed to fleece 38 Gold Crowns from their league partners for their yearly yields.

As (mis)fortune would have it a tornado (represented by the firenado here) decided to wreak havoc on the empire as their random event.  It originated in the swamps.

Passed by a city (surprisingly without raising it!)

And began to make its way out to sea...

Making friends with the independent fortress and raising the settlement.

Finally it tried to destroy another settlement and failed before dissipating into the ether.  As well as a tornado many heroes gained veteran experience bringing them to a level up!

Billy (Standard Bearer) gained Stealthy
Hans (Wizard) gained Windblast (5)
Siegfried (Duke on Aralez) gained +1 Nerve
Finn Urland (wizard on horse) gained Heal(4)
Von Boos (duke on ancient aralez) gained +1 Defense!

The Rhordians attempted to send a diplomat to the eastern island fortress however the doors to this mysterious island castle remained closed.

To spend the peasants hard earned coin two new fleets were commissioned and another banner raised in support of the league.

Along the border with the Salamanders a less than trusting construction of a fortress was commissioned.

7 The Rhordians were hit hard with Saboteurs setting fire to one of their Ports causing two of their ships to sink below the waters.

11 On top of that their King was nearly assassinated by the Salamanders causing disorder amongst the ranks and forcing their banners to halt for their first month of the campaign!

18 A League agent did his job well however and managed to smuggle a saboteur into the Salamander Capitol just as their own agents had thought they cleared the undergrounds and streets!  The sabotage resulted in the razing of the lizard capitol and a mighty blow was struck!

Salamander Winter

The Salamanders retired to the three corners of their empire trying to guard from threats at each border.  Their empire produced a very healthy 44 Gold Crowns as the lizards have been very productive at sea.

a red moon rose above the kingdom of the fire lizards and granted a blessing of the gods to a Salamander Prime horde.  This blessing granted them Vicious, -1 nerve and Fury.

They even managed to send diplomats to the independent fortress near their borders.  The elves also attempted to sway them to their cause however they seem to have taken the previous siege rather personally and sided with the lizards granting them a fortress.

Many of the lizard heroes gained veteran level ups from their previous years campaign:

Tal Vak (mage Priest on Raptor) gained +4 fireball
Sol Tandyr (mage priest) gained Bane Chant(2)
Ska Iktar (battle captain on rhinosaur) gained +1 Nerve
Xo Thunder (Clan Lord on Firedrake) gained Very Inspiring
Sidewinder (mage priest on Raptor) gained Bane Chant(2)
Red Ripper (battle captain) gained Pathfinder
Khal Sargo (Clan Lord on Firedrake) gained pathfinder

In the newly added kingdom right in the middle of elven territory a salamander army was raised to defend the territory.

The scaled ones yacht club grew adding three new fleets to the empire.

Along the Rhordian border the Salamanders erected a brand new Fortress.

and a Village was constructed in the middle of a desert keeping the scaly people warm and happy.

1 A Salamander agent ensured thought it ensured the safety of its capitol removing all espionage counters from it however those sneaky

Rhordians would later launch a surprise saboteur smuggled in by their own agents and send the capitol into ruin razing it.

11 An assassin struck a near mortal blow to the Rhordian King casting suspicion far and wide.  As a result none of the Rhordian banners will be moving during the first turn of the new year as all orders are in doubt as are allegiances!

14 Salamander Saboteurs had quite a bit of luck one managing to set a large fire razing an Abyssal Dwarf City and scuttling one of the ships.

Elf Winter

The elves followed suit with the Salamanders and retired their banners to various corners of the kingdom.  Their under appreciated peasants brought forth 38 gold for the war efforts as well.

Famine stretched across the empire however since it only effects the ability to recover raised settlements the elves pushed through the rationing without penalty.

Their mightiest heroes managed to gain a veteran level resulting in:

Gunther (master hunter)  gained Inspiring
Alf (elf King) gained Iron Resolve
Sprinkles (mage) gained Fireball(8)

After rigorous training the elves raised a fourth banner and reinforced several others.

Two more fleets of Elven ships were created and a village was built along the coast.

6 An agent managed to remove all the espionage counters from the port keeping it safe from spies and saboteurs.

14 Several spies were sent forth.  One gained full insight on two of the Abyssal Dwarf banners.  another spy learned not only the points of another Abyssal Dwarf banner but that they planned to embark on a ship at the start of the campaign season.  and yet another spy learned of and removed 4 rival espionage markers.

It was a long and rather intriguing winter for all sides.  Three settlements were razed, and independent nation collapsed and joined the scaled side and all of the empires grew a much more sizable army.  The only question is where are the armies being sent to?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Year 1, Turn 6

The final month of the first year is here.  War has not broken out between the factions yet though there are many interwoven alliances some spoken and some secret that threaten an immanent outbreak of battle.

The Abyssal Dwarves were content to wait out the winter with what lands they had acquired especially after the last siege which had granted them a city.  The northern wastelands were scouted and found to contain nothing of interest.  As the Fall began to turn to winter no trade was gained and the fleet prepared to return to friendly ports.

The Rhordians scouted out the northern lone mountain again this time finding out the entire composition of the mercenary nature army.  Seemingly in response the forces of nature descended upon their fortress' lands forcing a confrontation.

 Having re-secured their rule over the village they also scout out the adjacent territory finding a simple village that joins the league.

The Salamanders fleet scouts out an island containing a fortress.  Who or whatever happened to rule this island showed their disapproval of the lizard people by executing the scouts revealing nothing about the independent fortress.

Their ships manage a more friendly encounter with the various ports as they trade gaining 3 gold crowns!

 The elves simply maintain their siege of the fortress starving a further 10 points from them and lowering the nerve on the walls by 2.  They are now down to 910 points though winter is fast approaching and maintaining the siege through the cold will prove difficult should they choose to do so...

Only two un-scouted territories remain on the entire map as the first year comes to a close.  The frozen wastelands will most likely yield nothing so whether or not it is ever scouted remains to be seen.  Next up a short winter break before year 2.

  Spoiler alert: someone dies and weather happens!

Year 1, Turn 6 Battles

The lone battle in the first years final month is a battle between the Rhordians and a Mercenary banner from the Forces of Nature.

Since it takes place near a mountain we decided that as the Mercenary banner came in to take over the fortress they were intercepted via an underground abandoned mine.  Thus an underground battle will take place rendering all impassable terrain of height 4 or more impassable even to flyers.

The Nature force consists of:

1x Regiment of Naiad Wyrm Riders with Healing Brew
1x Regiment of Naiad Wyrm Riders with Brew of Strength
1x Regiment of Salamanders with Brew of Haste

The Rhordians have brought:

1x Regiment of Household Knights with Potion of Caterpillar (green knights)
1x Regiment of Household Knights with Brew of Haste ( Red and white knights)
2x Troops of Halfling Ranger Cavalry (he swears he'll get them painted this year!)
Siegried, Duke on Winged Aralez with diadem of dragon kind
Fin Urland the Wizard (on horse), with Bane Chant (2), and inspiring Talisman

  The nature army was hoping for a favorable scenario unfortunately field battle ended up being the table rolled on resulting in a simple control scenario.  Since this battle is balanced for equal points this put them at a grave disadvantage.  After deployment the slaughter commenced...

The Rhordians advanced cautiously at first using the superior movement of their cavalry.  The Forces of nature setup a rather irresistible trap along the center line hoping to cause at least some damage.

In the second turn the Rhordians took the bait and quickly killed one regiment of Naiad wyrmriders while the other only wavered and regenerated a few points of damage next turn.

With the trap sprung the salamanders proceeded to roll horribly on their to hits and really well on damage sadly bringing only 4 points of damage on the knights.  Of the knights held and the salamanders were wiped out by the green knights next turn...

Of course they were not the only thing wiped out on the final turn either.

Nature had trespassed onto the lands of man and paid the price horribly...