Monday, January 22, 2018

Year 2, Turn 3

The Salamander empire began the month by scouting out the Southern elf city and preparing for war.  The first set of scouts were able to learn the entire content and organization of the army garrisoning the walls however the banner lost 2 baggage from rot as well.

They swiftly committed to a siege against the elves in revenge of the port that was taken in the North.

Their banner in the southern fortress scouted the elf army in the northern village.  The scouts learned nothing of the banner but did encounter 60 points of mercenaries that were added to the banner.

Much to the dismay of the various gods of war the salamanders both scouted and retreated from the siege against the Rhordians along the border.  They apparently did not wish to be caught in a pincer attack from the reinforcements arriving along the coast.

After embarking their army back onto the fleet one of the Salamander ships managed to roll and event and found a fleet of 2 pirate ships which will in later turns hunt down stray ships!

The fleet chose to ignore the pirates and instead directly attack the Rhordian fleets.  The humans did not last against the superior seafaring skills of the salamanders scaly corsairs and the entire fleet was sunk without loss.

The elves did very little on their turn simply moving out of their freshly conquered salamander city and hunker down in behind city walls in the south.

Finally finished with their seafaring attempts the Abyssal Dwarves disembarked from the fleet and flooded the port city with slaves and slavers alike landing four full armies between the elves and salamander land.  The elves barely made it out in time...

Back in their homelands the lone defending banner managed to enslave 360 points into their army increasing the banner size greatly!

The Rhordians having fended off the Salamanders by land and being dominated by sea had a fairly uneventful turn.  Their scouting of the nearby forest simply resulted in finding a merchant and gaining an extra 3 baggage!

Sadly no battles took place this turn.  The Rhordians and Salamanders seem to have a new truce at this point.  The Abyssal Dwarves are poised to invade either the Salamanders or the Elves and the Salamanders and Elves are already embroiled in a bitter feud as well...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Year 2 Turn 2

With so little open neutral land left war finally breaks out!  On top of that If you're new or have been following the campaign for a while the rules have been updated!  They are nearing the final stages of editing and sprucing up.  The big changes are in formatting and finishing up the scenarios/siege rules so head on over and check it out here.

The Salamanders begin by scouting the neutral island to their northern shores.  The scouts made it to the island but came back empty handed having been driven off by the inhabitants.  Their army quickly disembarked and began a coastal invasion anyways.  The Ratkin that were found were quickly exterminated as it was only a 800 point army that lost 80 points to subsistence loss.

In the Southern reaches the lizard scouts likewise failed to gain any information about their elven neighbors.

Along the eastern reaches the lizardfold mustered their forces and began a siege of their Rhordian neighbors breaking a long held truce.

The Elves have been roused to battle as well though their scouts were able to find out nearly all the information about the neighboring armies.  Instead of launching a siege they decide to remain in their fortresses.

Instead they took the easy route and marched an army into the unoccupied Salamander port city!  The Lizards may need to take severe actions to punish these pointy eared invaders...

In addition they combined the ships of two of their fleets and left them at the same city.

In a completely unexpected alliance the Abyssal Dwarves combine all of their ships into a single seven ship fleet, ally with the three elven ships in the harbor and easily sink the single Salamander ship harbored there.  The greedy elves steal the single gold from the cargo, perhaps they will need to be taught a lesson as well.

The sea voyage has been arduous however as the large dwarven armies have used up much baggage in order to reach their destination.

The Rhordian League Had attempted to scout the Salamanders to their southern border but failed as they went on the assault.

They did however move one of their banners south to eventual lend reinforcements to the besieged forces.

In addition they combined their ships into a single war fleet gathering their power and sinking a Salamander ship off their northern peninsula.

As we go into the third month of the campaign season war has official broken across the entire map.  Next turn holds the promise of empires clashing...

Year 2, Turn 2 Battles

There was only a single battle this turn.  The salamander empire had elected to take to the sea to take the fortress that was razed by a tornado in the winter phase.  Without reliable scouting information they set claw to beach and ran into a force of ratkin!

After two months the once 800 point Ratkin force had been starved and cannibalized into only 720 points.  Regardless without a navy to escape the island they were forced to defend what homeland they had and scurried to the squeaked warning from the watchtower!  The force consisted of:

Regiment of Blight
Deathmachine with Vile Sorcerery
Horde of Warriors with Brew of Strength
Troop of Clawshots
Regiment of Brutes

After a hurried disembarking the lizards arrived on the beach (don't ask how they transport fire elementals).  This will be a coastal invasion scenario so they will need to flip control of objectives as they move inland or wipe out the ratkin in full.  The Wave Trompers as they are called consisted of:

Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers with the Potion of the Catipillar
Troop of Unblooded
Clan lord Xo Thunder on Fire Drake with Pipes of Terror and the veteran ability Very Inspiring
Regiment of Ancients with Healing brew
Mage Priest Tal Vak on Raptor with Soul Drain and Veteran ability Fireball(4)
Ankylodon Battle Platform
Battle Captain Ska Iktar on Rhinosaur with Inspiring talisman
Mage Priest Sol Tandur with Heal 3 and Weakness
Horde of Fire Elementals with Brew of Haste
Horde of Salamander Primes with Brew of Sharpness

The salamanders quickly advance past the beach toward the ratkin line.

The eager brutes maneuver forward while the clawshots do minimal damage firing into the Ancients.  The rest of the line holds but refuses to advance closer...

On turn two the Clan Lord positions his mighty fire drake to wreak havoc on the Rats flank while the rest of the army advances into a more threatening position forcing the rats to move.

The Lekadon manages to do a single wound on the blight and the Fire Drake roasts the clawshots forcing a waver.

In a bout of return fire the Death Engine zaps the Lekadon and wavers it as well hoping to eliminate it later.

The warriors and brutes bravely charge the Ankylodon and despite some fantastic rolls fail to do much other than enrage the beast!

It was then that the overwhelming force of the Salamanders ran into the Rats frontline and more than clawed their way to victory!  The brutes took a heavy side charge and fell while the warriors were triple charged and likewise eliminated.

Not to be left out the Clan Lord made short work of the clawshots and set his sights on the death engine...

Even with a single heal spell the Lekadon was well within range to be eliminated gaining the Rats a small victory.  However after generating 11 shots only 3 hit and a waver was had once more.

The Blight attempted to win glory and caused a surprising 7 damage against the Fire elementals but in the end it was not enough and the Salamanders won a victory without taking casualties.

After a relaxing sunning on the beach several of the Salamnder units gained veteran level ups and skills:

Prime Horde gained Headstrong
Ancients gained +1 Nerve
Fire elementals gained vicious
Kaisenor Lancers gained Nimble
Ankylodon Battle Platform gained Vicious

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Year 2 Turn 1

The second year opened with a roll off for campaign initiative.  The Salamander won the roll off so for this year the turn order will go: Salamanders, Elves, Abyssal Dwarves, and finally Rhordia.

For the most part the Salamanders opened the year by maintaining a strong defensive position.    A single banner embarked upon a sea journey to the island that was devastated by the Tornado over the winter months.  Perhaps the they will claim the island as their own ruined resort next turn.

Sending scouts north toward Rhordia they were able to ascertain the relative strength of the Rhordians as a 1500 point banner.  They have also learned that the elves in the southern city were a 1650 point army and the village banner a 2000 point army.

Through trade they managed to secure another 2 Gold cementing their wealth throughout the empires.

The Elves had met the end of their expansion however in the south they were forced into a standoff with the lizard people as neither side wanted to initiate a siege to expand.  The elves maintained a shaky peace as well trading with the Salamanders for 3 gold.

As the elves sent a scouting party to the southwest Salamander fortress they instead encounter a merchant convoy and take 5 baggage from them.  Their scouts in the south east however manage to learn everything about the 2000 point Salamander banner there.

The abyssal Dwarves embarked nearly their whole army onto ships in an attempt to set off towards new lands.  Unfortunately for them their 3rd fleet was delayed not willing to attempt the stormy seas they spied ahead and risk losing an entire banner.   Only one banner remains in their empire now making camp near the capitol.  Obviously the dwarves can't stay at sea forever, they just don't have the kind of sea legs they need...

 Ever since the near assassination of their king by the Salamanders the Rhordian empire has been thrown into a temporary chaos meaning none of their banners can move until rumors of the kings death have been laid to rest.

As such the fleets have managed to consolidate in an attempt to keep a defensive line.  Their trading endeavors do manage to gain the empire 1 gold despite a rather uneventful turn.

 No battles have taken place for the first time since the campaign began.  Perhaps next turn will be a more dangerous affair?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Year 1 Winter

 The long (apparently 6 months) winter has begun.  During winter armies retreat to safe havens to wait out the weather until the killing seasons begin again!  Winter is also the part of the game where RNG gods wage war against the kingdoms...

Abyssal Dwarf Winter

The abyssal Dwarves mostly retired their armies to the coasts giving them a lot of options for moving out after winter subsides.  The empire generated 38 gold crowns worth of revenue via settlement taxation and sea trade.

Unfortunately Vorgamalus the Abyssal Halfbreed Champion was called to his doom on a perilous quest hoping to find favor with his dark gods.  Truly a painful loss for the empire though not irreplaceable.

Heroes who have survived at least one battle each year without being wounded or captured gain 1 experience which puts a few over the edge to a level up!

McScrewb (overlord) gained Brutal
Zar'Gozamoth (slavedriver) gained Pathfinder

The General McScrewb geared up for the inevitability of war raising 2 new banners as well as 2 new Fleets.  Whether it was for conquest or defense is yet to be determined.

Being a less than wealthy nation at the moment the dwarves invested in a few spies all of which failed to bring back any useful knowledge.

A salamander Assassin attempted to get within claws reach of the king but was quickly beaten and enslaved within the mines.

One of the major port cities did not fair so well as a Salamander Saboteur set fire to it razing the city and destroying a ship.

League of Rhordia Winter

The Rhordians took up quarters mostly along their souther borders during the winter except for one banner that stayed behind to guard their western borders.  The empire managed to fleece 38 Gold Crowns from their league partners for their yearly yields.

As (mis)fortune would have it a tornado (represented by the firenado here) decided to wreak havoc on the empire as their random event.  It originated in the swamps.

Passed by a city (surprisingly without raising it!)

And began to make its way out to sea...

Making friends with the independent fortress and raising the settlement.

Finally it tried to destroy another settlement and failed before dissipating into the ether.  As well as a tornado many heroes gained veteran experience bringing them to a level up!

Billy (Standard Bearer) gained Stealthy
Hans (Wizard) gained Windblast (5)
Siegfried (Duke on Aralez) gained +1 Nerve
Finn Urland (wizard on horse) gained Heal(4)
Von Boos (duke on ancient aralez) gained +1 Defense!

The Rhordians attempted to send a diplomat to the eastern island fortress however the doors to this mysterious island castle remained closed.

To spend the peasants hard earned coin two new fleets were commissioned and another banner raised in support of the league.

Along the border with the Salamanders a less than trusting construction of a fortress was commissioned.

The Rhordians were hit hard with Saboteurs setting fire to one of their Ports causing two of their ships to sink below the waters.

On top of that their King was nearly assassinated by the Salamanders causing disorder amongst the ranks and forcing their banners to halt for their first month of the campaign!

A League agent did his job well however and managed to smuggle a saboteur into the Salamander Capitol just as their own agents had thought they cleared the undergrounds and streets!  The sabotage resulted in the razing of the lizard capitol and a mighty blow was struck!

Salamander Winter

The Salamanders retired to the three corners of their empire trying to guard from threats at each border.  Their empire produced a very healthy 44 Gold Crowns as the lizards have been very productive at sea.

A red moon rose above the kingdom of the fire lizards and granted a blessing of the gods to a Salamander Prime horde.  This blessing granted them Vicious, -1 nerve and Fury.

They even managed to send diplomats to the independent fortress near their borders.  The elves also attempted to sway them to their cause however they seem to have taken the previous siege rather personally and sided with the lizards granting them a fortress.

Many of the lizard heroes gained veteran level ups from their previous years campaign:

Tal Vak (mage Priest on Raptor) gained +4 fireball
Sol Tandyr (mage priest) gained Bane Chant(2)
Ska Iktar (battle captain on rhinosaur) gained +1 Nerve
Xo Thunder (Clan Lord on Firedrake) gained Very Inspiring
Sidewinder (mage priest on Raptor) gained Bane Chant(2)
Red Ripper (battle captain) gained Pathfinder
Khal Sargo (Clan Lord on Firedrake) gained pathfinder

In the newly added kingdom right in the middle of elven territory a salamander army was raised to defend the territory.

The scaled ones yacht club grew adding three new fleets to the empire.

Along the Rhordian border the Salamanders erected a brand new Fortress.

and a Village was constructed in the middle of a desert keeping the scaly people warm and happy.

1 A Salamander agent ensured thought it ensured the safety of its capitol removing all espionage counters from it however those sneaky

Rhordians would later launch a surprise saboteur smuggled in by their own agents and send the capitol into ruin razing it.

An assassin struck a near mortal blow to the Rhordian King casting suspicion far and wide.  As a result none of the Rhordian banners will be moving during the first turn of the new year as all orders are in doubt as are allegiances!

Salamander Saboteurs had quite a bit of luck one managing to set a large fire razing an Abyssal Dwarf City and scuttling one of the ships.

Elf Winter

The elves followed suit with the Salamanders and retired their banners to various corners of the kingdom.  Their under appreciated peasants brought forth 38 gold for the war efforts as well.

Famine stretched across the empire however since it only effects the ability to recover raised settlements the elves pushed through the rationing without penalty.

Their mightiest heroes managed to gain a veteran level resulting in:

Gunther (master hunter)  gained Inspiring
Alf (elf King) gained Iron Resolve
Sprinkles (mage) gained Fireball(8)

After rigorous training the elves raised a fourth banner and reinforced several others.

Two more fleets of Elven ships were created and a village was built along the coast.

An agent managed to remove all the espionage counters from the port keeping it safe from spies and saboteurs.

Several spies were sent forth.  One gained full insight on two of the Abyssal Dwarf banners.  another spy learned not only the points of another Abyssal Dwarf banner but that they planned to embark on a ship at the start of the campaign season.  and yet another spy learned of and removed 4 rival espionage markers.

It was a long and rather intriguing winter for all sides.  Three settlements were razed, and independent nation collapsed and joined the scaled side and all of the empires grew a much more sizable army.  The only question is where are the armies being sent to?